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St Isodores2

St. Isidores Church

St Isodores provides for Catholic Marriages for Irish couples. Normally, the sacrament is conducted in the irish or english language. The Church is small and can accomodate only about 100 people. The Church only accept one marriage per day. Marriages are not conducted on Sundays or Mondays.

Couples are required to comply with all regulations concerning marriage in the diocese where you reside before we can accept your request to marry here.

When choosing the clothing which you or your witnesses will wear during the wedding ceremony, you should bear in mind that you are expected to dress modestly.

Dresses, which are low cut at the front and the back are not considered appropriate. Guests who are travelling with you should also be informed of this requirement.Italans dress conseratively in church. The golden rule is ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’. Please show all due respect for Church regulation in this matter. Guests who dress inappropriately will be asked to wear a light wrap before entering the Church.

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